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American Made
Surface Protection
Customized for Your
Unique Application

Surface Guard® Protective Film
A full range or surface protection solutions for your product


Protective Film? is it that plastic that has been stuck to the refrigerator for the last year or is it the roll of material that movers use to protect carpeting? Yes, it is both of those things and the applications span so much greater. (To see a list of applications, click here)

Surface Guard® protective films are designed to protect critical surfaces from scratching, marring and abrasions. Coated with a pressure sensitive clean peel adhesive, Surface Guard® films adhere to and protect your critical surfaces during fabrication, assembly, shipping and storage. At Surface Guard, we have the knowledge, experience and capability to create the right Surface Guard® film for your application. Below, read more about our capabilities to provide custom surface protection solutions.




Film Types & Colors
Blue OpaqueVCI
Black/White CoexBlue Tinted Film
ClearBlue Tinted Film
Custom TintClear Cohesive Film
Strip CoatingCohesive Paper Package
Blue TintCohesive Paper Package
PrintedCohesive Paper Package
Custom CoExtrudedHand Package

Film Types

- Polyethylene: Low, Medium, High and Linear Low Density


- Co-Extruded Films: Black/White, Silver/White and custom co-extrusion


- UV Protective Films


- Polypropylene Films: ideal for heat resistant applications


- Blended Films


- Low Gel Films


- Unique films available upon request (i.e. Anti-Stat, Fire Retardant, PET)

Film Colors

- Clear (Transparent)


- Colored/Tinted Films (i.e. Blue, Yellow, Green)


- White (Opaque)


- Black/White and Silver/White (Co-Extruded Film)


- Other colors available upon request

Adhesives, Coating and Printing Capabilities
Send In Your SubstrateProduct Testing
We Will Match It Up With One Of Our Custom AdhesivesCustom Adhesive

We May Even Invent A Solution For You
Custom Adhesive Formulation

Our lab studies various customers substrates daily. They analyze the surface energy and texture, match it up with a series of Surface Guard® adhesives, and finally put the product and Surface Guard® through a series of tests. This approach to Research and Development paired with a focus on customer service has been the source of hundreds of new products developed by our chemists. We have adhesive levels as low as 0.08oz/sq.inch. and as high as 35oz/sq.inch. Have a complicated project? Give our Research & Development a shot. They are always looking for a challenge.


- Customized Formulated Adhesives

- Environmentally Friendly

- Water based acrylic

- Range of adhesive levels rom 0.08oz/sq.inch - 35oz/sq.inch

- Customized to each exact surface


- Multiple Coating Lines

- Coating options include Strip/Lane or Flood Coating

- Leave edge uncoated for easy removal

- 2 color printing available


- 1 & 2 Color Printing

Converting Capabilities
Custom Roll SizesLinerboard Packaging for DVDs, CDs and Games
Clean Room PackagingOnline Shoe Market
Slitting TechnicianCatalogs
Custom ColorsCatalogs
Small Roll PalletizationShirt Packaging
Large Slit RollsShirt Packaging
Wide Width RollsShirt Packaging
Small SizesLinerboard Packaging for DVDs, CDs and Games

Surface Guard's converting capabilities assure that our customers get exactly what they need. Our expansive slitting capabilities allow us to maintain our industry leading lead times and match up your product order with the most effective slitter. Surface Guard converting technicians make sure that your material is the proper length and width, is perforated or scored and is packaged the way you need. Read more about how you can get exactly what you need below.

Converting Options

- Roll Lengths: 50' up to 15,000'

- Roll Slitting: 1" up to 80"

- Roll Perforating: 3" up to 78"

- Perforation Direction: Regular or Longitudinal

- Custom Rewind: Regular or Reverse

Packaging Options

- Provide your branded box and we will package your material inside!

- Ask for plastic cores for clean room applications

- Have the material bagged for added protection


For more information on our converting capabilities, click here.