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Automation For Packaging Operations
Faster Throughput to Increase Capacity and Profits


Whether you fulfill and ship 500 or 50,000 packages a day, the packaging product and process you use are key components to getting your goods into the hands of your customers, timely and undamaged. With Pack & Guard® Cohesive materials and automated equipment, you can protect and ship your goods while improving productivity and lowering your labor and total packaging costs. Achieve 15-35 packages per minute by automating your packaging with Pack & Guard® materials and automated equipment.


Who Is Automated Packaging For?
Video Games
Video Games
Electrical ComponentsElectrical Parts
Automotive PartsParts
Catalogs & BindersCatalog
Health Productshealth
Beauty Suppliesbeauty supplies
Industrial Supplyindustrial

Automated Packaging is used across a wide range of markets. It's commonly used for e-commerce fulfillment. After a customer orders a product online, fulfillment centers have 2 options. Manually creating a package and sending that package to the customer or simply placing the product to be shipped on a conveyor belt and letting automated equipment do the work.

You should switch to automated packaging if you want to:


- Significantly reduce labor costs


- Increase the number of items packaged per hour (up to 2100/hr)


- Create more efficient packages


- Customize your packaging


- Seek out potential shipping & postage savings


- Create tamper evident packages


- Reduce per package costs (in some applications)


- Reduce potential for product theft


View some of the markets where automation has been proven time and again. Follow quick shortcuts to the right for popular specific applications. 

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Pack & Guard® Cohesive Material is coated with a special adhesive-like coating. It is unique because it only sticks to itself and not the product it is packaging. This latex based coating is referred to as Cohesive coating. Surface Guard manufactures rolls of cohesive products that are mounted on automated packaging equipment. By mounting a roll of material in two locations on a machine, your products can feed via a conveyor belt through the material, as the material is seeled together. Your product is safely sandwiched and quickly packaged.

To Get Started:

- Contact our Pack & Guard® Specialist to discuss possible solutions

- Send us your product you would like to see packaged

- Request preferred Pack & Guard® materials

- Our Pack & Guard® Specialist will package up your products with your requested packaging material

- Come in to see how the equipment performs, or request a video of the demo

- Let us help you select an appropriate machine option with our partners, System Packaging

- Trial ship your product using our recommended solution

- Start increasing your throughput and experience all that automation has to offer


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What Types of Machine Options Are Available?
Model 600Model 600
Model 700Model 700
Model 800Model 800
Model 900Model 900
Series 9000Series 9000
Model 4500Model 4500
MS 200MS 200
CH 45CH 45

Surface Guard does not manufacture automated packaging equipment, but has extensive knowledge of the different models and inner workings. We have developed a strong relationship with System Packaging who is the premier automated packaging manufacturer. They provide their customers with the ability to truly customize a machine to fit with their products and process. Get exactly what you are looking for with a made to order System Packaging Machine.

Machine Types - Click Images On Right To Link To Machine Page

MS 200 - Ideal for low volume hand packaging and wrapping of various products

Model 600 - Ideal for packaging batch or similar sized products in a three dimensional package.Products range from books, Machined Parts, and crankshafts to automobile engine blocks. The machine can easily be set up to run flat packages as well

Model 700 - An entry level, foot or hand switch operated automated packaging system

Model 800 - Ideal for packaging long and slender products such as golf clubs, fishing poles, transmission shafts, wood trims and moldings as well as window blinds

Model 900 - Ideal for packaging batch or similar sized products. Products range from books, catalogs, CD's, Machined Parts, and Knife Blades to Window Blinds, Moldings and Trim

Series 9000 - Tailored for packaging random length and height products or can be used to automate long runs of similar product lines. Products range from clothing, books, catalogs, CD's, to Window Blinds, Moldings door panels and Trim

Model 4500 - Ideal for small part Packaging or Small Mail-Order Fulfillment. Products range from CD's, Machined, Molded and Stamped Parts, to Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Order Fulfillment

CH 45 - Ideal for small part Packaging or Small Mail-Order Fulfillment. Products range from CD's, Machined, Molded and Stamped Parts, to Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Order Fulfillment

CH 1200 - Ideal for apparel or soft good shipment. Used only with cohesive strip coated film. This machine creates a true bag like packafge that is returnable!