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Pregis launches Inspyre protective packaging with color options to support brands, create curated unboxing experiences

Pregis LLC is introducing Inspyre, a protective packaging brand with a spectrum of color possibilities to help enhance the customer experience and also provide visual support for cause marketing and/or charitable campaigns.

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Pregis Acquires Rex Performance Products

Pregis LLC acquires Rex Performance Products, a manufacturer of high-quality laminated polyethylene (PE) foam, based in Marysville, MI.

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Pregis develops virtual reality training program to improve consistency, efficiency of protective packaging

Pregis LLC is once again providing leading edge solutions by introducing innovative virtual reality training for protective packaging equipment and material selection.

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Pregis helps retailers significantly improve profitability by reducing damage

Today’s retailers are aware that social media conversations about their products or services can significantly impact their business. When the comments are about great product performance and fast delivery, the impact can be extremely positive. However, when customers use social media to vent their frustration about product damages or over packaging, the retailer’s bottom line is sure to suffer ...

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Pregis invests $1 million in blown film testing lab to assist converters in delivering performance-oriented materials

Deerfield, Ill., January 17, 2018—Pregis LLC has invested $1 million in a new 1,000 square foot testing lab for its Grand Rapids, Michigan, blown film …

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Pregis’ Tom Wetsch joins MSU School of Packaging advisory board

Tom Wetsch, chief innovation officer, Pregis LLC has been invited to join the Michigan State University (MSU) School of Packaging Industry Advisory Board.

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Consumer Response to Protective Packaging

The type of protective packaging selected for parcel delivery has a significant impact on the consumer experience...

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SFS Solution saves eretailer millions

Today’s retailers are aware that social media conversations about their products or services can significantly impact their business ...

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Holiday shopping trends and what they mean for your warehouse

Many warehouse operators and shipping professionals are implementing new tactics and strategies to adapt to the needs of shoppers in 2017.

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Common holiday warehouse woes and how to solve them

Poorly prepared distribution centers and warehouses will likely feel the strain of increased demand this holiday season. As a result, their productivity may be sacrificed.

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